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Listerhill Credit Union is a nonprofit financial cooperative improving lives in our community.

If you live in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, or Tennessee, you are eligible to become a member. Depending on your individual eligibility, we may require membership into an approved association at no cost to you.

You can also qualify for membership by being a family member of a current or potential Listerhill member.

With only $5, you can join Listerhill today and start taking advantage of a lifetime membership.

Creating Value Since 1952.

For nearly 70 years, Listerhill has been leading the credit union movement in northwest Alabama, creating value to its members and improving lives throughout the community. Listerhill is uniquely positioned for growth and success as it approaches today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.

Listerhill Credit Union is a nonprofit financial cooperative improving lives in our community.

Listerhill Credit Union is a nonprofit cooperative owned and operated by its members. This is what distinguishes a credit union from other financial institutions. Members put their money in a variety of savings accounts, and that money, in turn, is lent to members. After operating expenses and reserve requirements are met, income is returned to all members in the form of dividends, better rates, and comprehensive financial services.

Our Vision

To value people over profit, work passionately, exceed expectations, proactively seek improvement, and make our community a better place.

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We exist to serve.

Listerhill's mission and vision are an extension of our founding. We are a financial cooperative whose primary purpose was, and still is, to help our members live a healthy financial life and to offer an alternative to traditional profit-driven banks and lenders.

We are innovative.

Whenever we see the opportunity to improve the service our members receive, we make it happen. Our brand is at the fore of our industry and our products and services are leading edge. We are never satisfied. We know it can always be done better.

We love our communities.

Our lives and out part within our towns and cities, schools and businesses extends far beyond the service of our members. We are in it for everyone. As our community grows and thrives, so do we. We are altruistic, not for business reasons, but because we care.

We are comprehensive.

Listerhill is a comprehensive financial institution, offering every financial service necessary to improve a member's life. Although financial services alone can be imitated, our motivation can not.

We are approachable.

We lack the stuffiness of a traditional financial institution because we're not a traditional financial institution. We are built from community and we know our neighbors and members. They are our family and friends and we treat them as such. We're always friendly. We encourage interaction.

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Listerhill is a Certified Great Place To Work

Listerhill was recently certified through August 2021 as a Great Place To Work. 94% of our employees said that Listerhill is a great place to work based on our culture and benefits. Some terms that were used when employees were asked to explain why Listerhill is a great workplace include "Family", "Community", and "Care".

Listerhill Named Forbes' Best-In-State Credit Union

Listerhill was honored to be named as the best credit union in Alabama by for overall recommendations and satisfaction, as well as five subdimensions: trust, terms and conditions, branch services, digital services and financial advice.

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Board Members and Supervisory Committee Members
Alex Godwin

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Godwin is a graduate of the University of North Alabama and is the Treasurer for Constellium Muscle Shoals. He is a Certified Public Accountant and is actively serving or has served on boards such as Listerhill Credit Union, Tennessee Valley Art Association, YMCA, Shoals TRAC, Shoals Chamber of Commerce and the UNA Foundation.

Mark Linder

Board Chairman

Mark has served on the Board of Listerhill Credit Union since July 2015. A native of Alabama, he hearned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master's in Athletic Administration at Wayne State College in Nebraska.

While at WSC, he was a two-time academic All-American in football and upon graduation continued in the program serving as a member of their coaching staff.

Mark served over 30 years in different roles in intercollegiate athletics administration. Recently, Linder transitioned into his current role as a professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of North Alabama. He is married to his wife, Michele, and they have three children. 

Bob Little

Board Vice-Chairman

Mr. Little has lived most of his life in Muscle Shoals. He graduated from Muscle Shoals High School in 1977. He was employed with the Muscle Shoals Electric Board and retired with 35 years of service. He has been a member of Woodward Avenue Baptist Church for over 40 years.

He and his wife have two daughters and one grandson. He has served as a volunteer with Listerhill Credit Union since 2005, serving on the Loan Committee and the Board of Directors.

Mark Massey

Board Member

Mr. Massey is a 25-year career lineman with Franklin Electric Cooperative and serves as a lineman examiner for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 558. He is an active member of New Union Missionary Baptist Church in Red Bay, Alabama where he serves on several committees.

He has been a Listerhill Credit Union volunteer for 15 years, serving on the Loan Committee for 5 years and the last 10 years on the Board of Directors. He has attended numerous financial training classes over the years. For the last 12 years, Mark has served on the Board of Directors for the Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association and enjoys operating a small cattle farm.

Otis Dickerson

Board Member

Mr. Dickerson has proudly served Listerhill Credit Union’s members as a volunteer for over 24 years, holding roles such as Chairman of both the Loan and Supervisory Committees. He has served as the President of the county Cattlemen’s Association, Regional Vice President and currently as a Lifetime Director for the state of Alabama Cattlemen’s Association. For over 30 years he has been a volunteer leader for 4-H clubs, livestock shows, and conducting Farmers Federation farm tours, helping to encourage and motivate the leaders of tomorrow. A member of Atlas Church of Christ, Otis enjoys spending time on his family farm and teaching his grandchildren about farm life.

Dr. David Craig

Board Member

Dr. Craig graduated from Lipscomb University and received graduate degrees from Harding University School of Theology and the University of Mississippi. Dr. Craig is a Licensed Senior Psychological Examiner and serves as the Executive Director of The King’s Daughters’ School. He served 20 years on the Board of Directors of First Community Credit Union and serves on the Board of Directors of Listerhill Credit Union.

Dr. Gale Satchel

Supervisory Committee Member

With more than 31 years of experience in education, ranging from early childhood education to post- secondary education, Dr. Satchel is honored to have provided authentic academic support to school districts across the nation.

Her educational tour has afforded her many opportunities of which she is grateful. For Dr. Satchel, it is an honor as well as a privilege to serve on the Supervisory Committee. As a seasoned member of Listerhill Credit Union, Dr. Satchel counts it a blessing to serve the members.

Dr. Satchel has one son, MJ Satchel. MJ is also a thriving member of Listerhill. Both serve and worship at Cave Missionary Baptist Church.

Joey Cantrell

Supervisory Committee Chairperson

Joey Cantrell is a graduate of Northwest Shoals Community College and is employed by Constellium as a maintenance/machine shop manager in the Central service center.

He holds a certification from Assets Management Professional as a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) and is a published author with two articles for Reliability Connect. He has been a member of Listerhill Credit Union for over 50 years and has served as a volunteer since 2007 on the Loan Committee and Supervisory Committee.

He has attended numerous training sessions on compliance and regulatory issues.

Kevin Buttrum

Board Member

Mr. Buttrum graduated from University of North Alabama with a GIS degree in 2010 and is currently working to obtain a Masters in Business Administration. He has been employed at Muscle Shoals Electric Board since 2014. He has been a member of Listerhill Credit Union for over 15 years and a board Volunteer since 2018. He enjoys spending time with family and loves doing anything outdoors.

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2019 Annual Report
Read The Report

In 2019, Listerhill Credit Union continued to build on the recent progress to keep our credit union on solid footing for the future. With an organizational goal of providing the best experience for members among credit unions nationwide, Listerhill continued to make significant investments to shape the experience we're building for our members and our communities.

Black and White Planes
Before Listerhill Credit Union

In 1937, Richard S. Reynolds traveled to Europe in search of aluminum sources for his company, Reynolds Metals. When he returned, Reynolds shared with Congress stories about the arsenal Adolf Hitler was building in Germany.

U.S. Sen. Lister Hill, of Alabama, listened, and the two persuaded Congress it was in the best interest of the nation to begin producing military airplanes. The local Reynolds plant was created along with a new community, aptly named Listerhill, and supplied the nation with airplanes during World War II from 1942-45. After the war, the plant started producing Reynold's aluminum foil and has long been a key employer in the Shoals.

People Helping People

In 1952, ten years after the aluminum plant opened, seven Reynolds Metals employees came together to combat the growing issue of predatory lending to other vulnerable plant workers. At the time, loan sharks would lend money with outrageous interest rates and sometimes never-ending terms. With just $5 each and a passionate idea of creating a cooperative that benefited and protected each other, these seven men founded Listerhill Credit Union.

Operation of the credit union humbly began inside the Reynolds Metals plant in 1953. Shortly thereafter, Listerhill Credit Union would build its headquarters across the street where its main office currently resides.

Mr  Mann Cropped
A History of Strong Leadership

Mr. Cyril B. Mann was co-founder and elected chairman of Listerhill Credit Union's Board of Directors for more than 57 years, recognized by the World Council of Credit Unions as the longest-serving board chairman in credit union history. In 2012, Mr. Mann was posthumously inducted into the Credit Union House Hall of Leaders. His selfless devotion to Listerhill and dedication to the credit union philosophy of people helping people continues to be an inspiration to everyone who shares in the mission.

Growing to Serve

Over the next several decades, Listerhill would grow to expand its service footprint by working with more employer groups and adding value to its expanding membership. This also meant the credit union was opening branches across northwest Alabama and serving thousands of new members while offering new and innovative products and services.

A Continued Tradition of Excellence

Today, at $1 billion in assets, Listerhill Credit Union is the seventh largest credit union in Alabama serving 100,000 members across two states. Our comprehensive offering of financial services prepare members for every stage of life.

Our innovative retail model and branch design is writing the script for financial institutions across the southeast. In fact, Listerhill was named the Best Credit Unions in Alabama by Forbes magazine and is a certified Great Place to Work.

Listerhill passionately continues its commitment in serving the local community with integrity while striving for excellence and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some factors to consider when choosing a rewards credit card?

    Determine whether you prefer cash back, travel points, or other reward types. Then, explore how and when reward points accumulate, if there are spending caps, and how easy it is to redeem your rewards. Financial institutions like credit unions tend to offer great rewards credit cards.

  • How can I compare credit card offers before making a decision?

    Carefully review rewards programs, like cash back or travel miles, when comparing credit cards. Also, consider the rewards rate, interest rates, annual fees, and any additional benefits the card includes.

  • What are the benefits of choosing a credit union's credit card compared to others?

    Our credit cards reward you for making purchases. They feature competitive interest rates and fewer fees than traditional banks. Members benefit from personalized customer service. We work closely with you to understand your financial situation and needs.

  • What if I prefer to make my payments through a pre-authorized automatic payment arrangement (ACH)?

    Please contact TruHome at 844-203-3642 to set up automatic payments or visit here to set them up yourself.

  • What if I prefer to make my payments through the Listerhill Mobile Banking app or Online Banking?

    Unfortunately, when the transfer occurs, mortgages will not be displayed on our app or in online banking, but we are working to bring that functionality ASAP.

    In the meantime, please visit here to view all mortgage information and payment options.