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Listerhill Credit Union is a nonprofit financial cooperative improving lives in our community.

If you live in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, or Tennessee, you are eligible to become a member. Depending on your individual eligibility, we may require membership into an approved association at no cost to you.

You can also qualify for membership by being a family member of a current or potential Listerhill member.

With only $5, you can join Listerhill today and start taking advantage of a lifetime membership.

Your FREE on-campus resource when it comes to understanding and managing your money

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Free College Financial Checklist

Start your college journey on the right foot by making sure your financial situation is solid! We've got you covered with our college financial checklist - available for free to use online or download.

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We're giving away a $500 scholarship!

Be sure to see us at The Big Deal on Thursday, August 22nd to enter for a chance to win a $500 scholarship.

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Listerhill Works
Listerhill Credit Union is a proud UNA partner!

We are strengthening our partnership thanks to users of Listerhill's UNA Keystone debit card. Each time you swipe your Keystone Card, Listerhill donates a portion of the transaction back to UNA Athletics, Alumni, and Advancement initiatives for students.

We are thrilled to announce that Listerhill, as of April 2024, has donated over $100,000 to UNA as a result of this debit card program!

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Need a hand figuring out your money? We've got group classes!

Group classes are available to all student groups. You can reach out directly to our Director of Financial Health, Sarah Evans, or you can speak to your advisor and have them make arrangements on your behalf. You can also arrange a class for a group of you and your friends.

Classes are approximately 50 minutes and include a practical exercise or game.

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Financial Wellness Team

Sarah Evans, Director of Financial Health

Phone: 305-849-9183 | Email:

As a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor, Sarah is on campus to help you for free. Don't understand your credit card bill? Not sure where all your money is going? Want to know how to build credit without debt? Ask Sarah!

Contact Sarah directly today or stop by The Commons and see any one of the Financial Wellness Team to learn more about how we can help you.

Braden James, Financial Wellness Intern | Email:

Tyler Antkowiak, Financial Wellness Intern | Email:

Braden and Tyler are both graduate students at UNA studying for MBAs in Finance.

Subjects Covered
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Checking Account Basics

Learn about overdraft options, how to manage your accounts, and how to avoid the fees associated with them.

a man sitting down smiling while looking at his computer
Spending Plans

Discover the tools to help you plan your spending so you have enough for today and tomorrow. This class includes "The Game of Life".

a man sitting on the couch writing in a notebook
Understanding Credit

Credit scores and credit reports are just the start. Understand how the system works so you have the power to build and protect your credit without going into debt.

a person writing in a notebook
The Cost of Credit

Understand how to determine the overall cost when you borrow and how to establish the best options for you.

woman sitting with her head laid back and an open book on her face
Avoiding Debt

Staying ahead of the curve is the trick to avoiding debt. This class shows you how to do it.

a woman looking at her phone
Student Debt Realities

For high schoolers or college freshman, this class examines how to plan your college expenses and the realities of avoiding (or not) student debt.

two people looking at a laptop
Investing in Your Future

An introduction to the principles and basics of growing your money for your future.

person typing on a calculator and writing on paper
Taxes 101

A simple breakdown of the who, what and how of federal and state taxes - including an overview of the most commonly used forms.

man driving a car
Carl Needs a Car

A fun class with a practical application which includes the budgeting and credit elements of the car buying process.

a woman sitting on her bed with headphones on writing in a notebook
Getting Your Own Place

A checklist guide incorporating a budget to help you plan how to move out of the dorms or your parents' house.

a woman sitting at her counter typing on her laptop
Home Buying 101

Be ready to purchase when it is time by learning the process and beginning your preparations now.

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Independent Study with Banzai

Banzai is Listerhill's brand new, FREE financial wellness program. Take a financial wellness assessment, set a budget, learn about credit, the FAFSA, and much more - all from your phone or computer.

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We've partnered with Banzai to bring you in-depth lessons on the financial topics you care about.

Banzai is Listerhills’ brand new, FREE financial wellness program. It is simple to navigate, fun to use and offers lessons and exercises to boost your financial skills and understanding. Take a financial wellness assessment, set a budget, learn about credit, mortgages, the FAFSA, and more all from the convenience of your personal device.

Say hello to the UNA Keystone Debit Card

The Keystone Debit Card is Listerhill's newest debit card that provides you an easy way to support UNA! For every purchase, Listerhill donates a portion of the amount you spend back to the University's students, alumni, athletics, and advancement programs.

Giving back

Through our partnership with UNA, Listerhill members can now easily give back to the school they love simply by making everyday purchases.

The giveback is split equally between these three UNA groups:

UNA Alumni

Support Alumni and Grow the Pride

Through coordination with the UNA National Alumni Association, one-third of the Keystone Card giveback will go to serve UNA alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends with programs and initiatives that are tailored to their professional needs and interests.

Lion’s Athletics

Supporting Student-Athletes

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Lions Athletic Club is the primary booster club for UNA Lion Athletics and will receive an equal portion of the Keystone Card giveback. Support from the club provides increased scholarship opportunities, facility improvements and operational expense support.

University Advancement

Impacting UNA Students

One-third of the donation to UNA goes to university advancement projects. These projects positively impact the lives of the University’s students by meeting the greatest needs and emerging priorities at UNA as determined by the University’s president and leadership teams.

Don't have a Listerhill checking account? No problem.

Supporting UNA with a simple swipe has never been easier. Open a checking account online and opt for a Keystone Card today.

Already a member? Visit any Listerhill branch to get your UNA Keystone Debit Card!

Did you know you can exchange your current Listerhill debit card for a UNA Keystone Debit Card at any Listerhill branch? Swap your card today to start donating to UNA with every swipe.

We're Here to Help

Whether you are a student looking to consult with Sarah about your own financial wellness or faculty looking to supplement financial education into your organization, fill out this form to get in touch.

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UNA Keystone Debit Card FAQs

Listerhill Credit Union’s Keystone Debit Card is the perfect accompaniment to any UNA college student’s wallet (and not just students–alumni and community members, too!). Continue reading to learn mor...

How To Choose A College Checking Account & Debit Card

Going to college is an exciting time in any young person’s life. New friendships will be made, interesting adventures and experiences await, and many things will be learned in the classrooms. Before ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some factors to consider when choosing a rewards credit card?

    Determine whether you prefer cash back, travel points, or other reward types. Then, explore how and when reward points accumulate, if there are spending caps, and how easy it is to redeem your rewards. Financial institutions like credit unions tend to offer great rewards credit cards.

  • How can I compare credit card offers before making a decision?

    Carefully review rewards programs, like cash back or travel miles, when comparing credit cards. Also, consider the rewards rate, interest rates, annual fees, and any additional benefits the card includes.

  • What are the benefits of choosing a credit union's credit card compared to others?

    Our credit cards reward you for making purchases. They feature competitive interest rates and fewer fees than traditional banks. Members benefit from personalized customer service. We work closely with you to understand your financial situation and needs.

  • What if I prefer to make my payments through a pre-authorized automatic payment arrangement (ACH)?

    Please contact TruHome at 844-203-3642 to set up automatic payments or visit here to set them up yourself.

  • What if I prefer to make my payments through the Listerhill Mobile Banking app or Online Banking?

    Unfortunately, when the transfer occurs, mortgages will not be displayed on our app or in online banking, but we are working to bring that functionality ASAP.

    In the meantime, please visit here to view all mortgage information and payment options.