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Listerhill Credit Union is a nonprofit financial cooperative improving lives in our community.

If you live in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, or Tennessee, you are eligible to become a member. Depending on your individual eligibility, we may require membership into an approved association at no cost to you.

You can also qualify for membership by being a family member of a current or potential Listerhill member.

With only $5, you can join Listerhill today and start taking advantage of a lifetime membership.

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With 24/7 access to Online and Mobile Banking as well as a quick and easy application process for loans and mortgages, you can join today and start enjoying the benefits of Listerhill Credit Union membership.

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Listerhill's Credit Cards
Signature Rewards Visa Credit Card

Our Signature Rewards Card* allows you to earn 2% cash back on every purchase. Whether you're buying food for the grill, enjoying s'mores by the fire or filling up at the pump - you are earning cash back on every purchase.

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Platinum Visa Credit Card

Expand your purchasing power while enjoying protection from identity theft and fraud with our Platinum Card*. You can also rest easy knowing you have the local service (and rate) you expect from your credit union.

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See how we compare to our competitors.

We understand that it's important to compare the pros and cons of different cards. Take a look at our cards and compare them to our competitors in terms of rates and rewards.

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We offer checking account options with benefits including free online Banking and no minimum balance.
Everyday Checking

Welcome to convenience, flexibility and simplicity. The Everyday Checking account is our most popular checking account - and rightfully so. With no minimum balance required and no monthly service charge, there are no hassles with this account.

Growth Checking

Great for short-term savings goals, like building an emergency fund or saving up for that cruise next year, our Growth Checking account works similarly to our Everyday Checking account but offers higher returns on your savings while giving you easy, flexible access to your funds.

Membership means more at Listerhill

Your money should work harder than you do. That's why Listerhill's Growth Checking account offers interest on balances of $1,000 or greater. And for a limited time, you can earn up to 4.35% APY* on balances of $50,000 or more.

Listerhill's Visa Debit Card
The perfect duo of convenience and security.

Our Visa debit card comes with a built-in chip providing stronger protection against fraud through encryption.

Add in instant issue available at select branches and losing your card is no longer an ordeal. Simply disable your lost card, visit a participating branch, and ask for a new one. We can print your new card right from the counter!

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Listerhill's UNA Keystone Visa Debit Card
Show your lion pride with every day purchases!

The UNA Keystone Card provides you an easy way to support the University of North Alabama! For every purchase, we will donate a portion of your purchase back to UNA alumni, athletics and advancement programs.

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Saving today means a better tomorrow! And at Listerhill, we have a variety of options for your unique financial goals.
Share Savings

When you open a Share Savings account, you become more than a customer, you become a Listerhill member. This means you share ownership in the credit union, and we take pride in serving you.

My Goal Savings

We know that you have your own financial goals in mind when it comes to saving. That's why we created the My Goal Savings account. Tied to your primary Share Savings account, you have the option to open additional secondary savings accounts to help stay focused on your individual savings goals.

Money Market Account (MMA)

You can now watch your savings grow faster with competitive rates, daily compounding and easy access to your money when you need it.

Certificates (CDs)

Save, without surprises, on your own terms with a variety of CD options made with you in mind.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

You don't have to do it alone. Take advantage of the tax savings and helpful advice from your credit union experts.

Membership means more at Listerhill

Your money should work harder than you do. That's why Listerhill's exclusive 6-Month CD offers you the chance to earn interest up to 5.25% APY* on a minimum deposit of $500.

We also have special accounts to help the little ones you love get a financial head start.
Good Start Savings Account

The charitable savings account for children, ages 0-4, that grows as fast as they do. Not only will your child's account earn interest, but for every day you make a deposit into your Good Start Savings account, Listerhill will make a .50 cent donation to St. Jude Children's Hospital at no cost to you.

Explorer Rewards Savings Account

We make saving money rewarding for your explorers ages 5–14. Each day a deposit is made into this savings account, your explorer will earn a star. Build up stars to redeem for exciting adventures including movie tickets, local sporting events and more!

Listerhill Mortgages
Buying a home is big, and so are the stakes. Finance it with the credit union you trust.

If you're in the market to buy a home, you're probably excited, but maybe a bit nervous. We can help you select the best rates and terms to meet your needs, so you can start making a house your home.

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Listerhill is Open For Business...Lending
Because we're in the business of helping you stay focused on yours.

Since 1952, business owners have turned to us as their trusted financial partner. Because at Listerhill, we listen and learn before customizing comprehensive financial solutions to help business owners reach their goals. That way, you can stay focused on running your business, with us at your side to help it run smoothly and grow. 

From purchasing property and equipment, to securing an operating line and utilizing merchant services, we are here to lend a hand - not just money.

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Listerhill's Visa Business Credit Card
For your everyday business needs

Our Business Card* works just as hard as you do. We offer limits up to $50,000 (higher limits may be available), competitive fixed rates starting at 12.99%, 2% cash back on every purchase, travel/accident insurance, monthly company reports, Visa alerts, and more.

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Listerhill Financial Services
Your Financial Future Starts Here

When you are faced with life-changing transitions, there are usually some important financial decisions that you will have to make during these times of change. Your financial decisions may significantly impact your financial security in the years, decades or generations to come. When you’re making these important financial decisions, you want sound, objective advice from someone who knows you well. Listerhill Financial Services gives you the personalized, local service you deserve.

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Kicks for Kids Funded by the Listerhill Foundation

Every day, thousands of children in Alabama and Tennessee face poverty and the result can be a lack of appropriate, safe shoes. The Listerhill Foundation's current initiative, Kicks for Kids, exists to raise awareness of this problem and offer real, impactful solutions to those most in need by providing a new pair of brand name shoes and five pairs of socks.

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Listerhill's Commitment to Community
Making a difference through involvement.

Our mission is to improve lives in our community. This means more than just providing great service in-branch and online. It means being committed to impacting the lives of our members while always seeking to invest in our community.

Through fundraising, education, donations, scholarships and sometimes even the swing of a hammer, Listerhill is committed to making our community a better place. Learn more about the exciting things we are doing in your community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some factors to consider when choosing a rewards credit card?

    Determine whether you prefer cash back, travel points, or other reward types. Then, explore how and when reward points accumulate, if there are spending caps, and how easy it is to redeem your rewards. Financial institutions like credit unions tend to offer great rewards credit cards.

  • How can I compare credit card offers before making a decision?

    Carefully review rewards programs, like cash back or travel miles, when comparing credit cards. Also, consider the rewards rate, interest rates, annual fees, and any additional benefits the card includes.

  • What are the benefits of choosing a credit union's credit card compared to others?

    Our credit cards reward you for making purchases. They feature competitive interest rates and fewer fees than traditional banks. Members benefit from personalized customer service. We work closely with you to understand your financial situation and needs.

  • What if I prefer to make my payments through a pre-authorized automatic payment arrangement (ACH)?

    Please contact TruHome at 844-203-3642 to set up automatic payments or visit here to set them up yourself.

  • What if I prefer to make my payments through the Listerhill Mobile Banking app or Online Banking?

    Unfortunately, when the transfer occurs, mortgages will not be displayed on our app or in online banking, but we are working to bring that functionality ASAP.

    In the meantime, please visit here to view all mortgage information and payment options.