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All branches will be self-service only Monday, October 10th, for Columbus Day. Normal business hours will resume Tuesday, October 11th. Smart ATMs and Online and Mobile Banking will remain available.

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Protect Yourself From Texting Scams

Be aware of the latest texting scams and protect your finances.

In recent weeks, we have noticed a significant increase in members being tricked by text message scams. How can you tell the difference between communication from a scammer and communication from Listerhill? We have included examples of legitimate text alerts below.

Text Scam Examples

A legitimate text alert will include the last four digits of your debit card number. The text alert should also use proper spelling, capitalization, and include dollar symbols. It should not include the word "bank" in our name. If you did make the purchase in question, then there is nothing to worry about. Simply reply Y to confirm. If the purchase in question is fraudulent, reply N to deny. If you choose N to deny, the next message will instruct you to reach out to Fraud Detection at 888-918-7313.

Once on the phone with Fraud Detection, please note that you should never be asked to provide your full debit card number, credit card number, CVV, Access ID, or password. They may ask to verify the last four digits of your card, but no more. Never share your full card number or online banking login information.

If you choose not to respond to the text alert in the first 30 minutes, Listerhill will reach out to you from the following numbers. If the card in question is a debit card, the call will come from 800-272-9446. If the card in question is a credit card, the call will come from 800-231-5262.

Fraudulent scam text alerts may come from phone numbers with 802 area codes. When in doubt, please reach out! Call 256-383-9204 and a Contact Center representative will help you determine if the text you received is legitimate or fake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I had merchandise points?

    Cashbackmall will be available for redemption on 9/1/22 for cards converting to cash back rewards from merchandise points.

  • Who is eligible for Cash Back Rewards?

    Cash Back Rewards are available for Listerhill Signature Credit Cards. Signature credit cards require a limit of $5,000 or greater.

  • How much do I get back in Cash Rewards?

    Cash Back Rewards are calculated at 2% on purchases. Cash Advances and Balance Transfers do not earn Cash Back Rewards.

  • Are Cash Back Rewards transferable?

    Cash Back Rewards are not transferrable. Cash Back Rewards may be redeemed and transferred between accounts through Online Banking as rules apply.

  • How do I redeem my Cash Back Rewards?

    The easiest way to redeem your Cash Back Rewards is to log into Listerhill’s Online Banking and click the “Get Info” link to the right of your credit card information. This will take you to our credit card servicing site within the same window.

    • Select “Rewards” on the upper right side within the screen (below FICO Score) and on the next screen click on “cashbackmall”.
    • Click on redeem and choose the option to Get Statement Credit (statement credit does not fulfill the obligation to pay a minimum payment each statement cycle-to apply as a minimum payment; the redemption must be deposited to your Listerhill Cash Back Account and it can then be applied as a payment toward your minimum due obligation) or deposit to Listerhill Cash Back Account.