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Listerhill employees donating AED to UNA PD

Listerhill Provides Life-saving Equipment to UNA Police Department

Editorial Note: Articles published are intended to provide general information and educational content related to personal finance, banking, and credit union services. While we strive to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented, it should not be considered as financial advice and may be revised as needed.

With an unpredictable medical emergency, minutes – or even seconds – matter.

Heart conditions are very common and events can strike at random. With temperatures often climbing higher rapidly in north Alabama, heart events become even more likely.

According to the University of North Alabama’s Police Department, the wide age range of visitors to the University’s campus as well as the large number of events on campus have created a need for shorter response times in the event of medical emergencies. UNA police officers are typically the first responders available during a health emergency at a campus-related event.

“We realized we needed an automated external defibrillator, or AED, ready to assist people in need of heart-starting services immediately,” said Latricia Hensley, PS-Officer Training Specialist with UNA PD.

“Because we have a relationship with the folks at UNA PD, they contacted Listerhill and asked if we could help by donating the funds to purchase this equipment,” said Sarah Evans, Director of Financial Health with Listerhill. Evans has an office located on UNA’s campus. “We were more than happy to help because we know this kind of device can have an immediate impact,” said Evans.

The AED device will be carried to every event by one of the university officers, primarily Latricia Hensley This equipment will allow UNA police officers to administer assistance to heart starting immediately and often long before other emergency responders can arrive.

“It makes me feel safer knowing that there will be a device readily available at every event from now on, because you never know when it might be needed,” added Evans.

“Listerhill’s mission is devoted to improving lives in our community, and this mission doesn’t just apply to banking and financial services,” said Alanna Sullivan, Chief Operations Strategist with Listerhill. “This AED will help our friends at UNA provide an extra level of safety and protection to those visiting campus and is something Listerhill is thrilled to be able to provide,” said Sullivan.

Hensley added, “We are thrilled to accept this device and to have it readily available should the need arise. This will aid in better serving our on-campus community, and the community at large, at all events we attend.”

“Thank you to Listerhill for their potentially lifesaving gift,” said Hensley.

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    Carefully review rewards programs, like cash back or travel miles, when comparing credit cards. Also, consider the rewards rate, interest rates, annual fees, and any additional benefits the card includes.

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