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All branches will be self-service only Monday, October 10th, for Columbus Day. Normal business hours will resume Tuesday, October 11th. Smart ATMs and Online and Mobile Banking will remain available.

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Engage & Empower Your Employees With Listerhill

Engage & Empower Your Employees With Listerhill

Did you know Listerhill Credit Union offers perks to our partner organizations in addition to individual member benefits? That's right. Employers like you can sign up for our free Listerhill Works program and then watch as you, your business, and your employees all reap the rewards.

Listerhill Works can help you increase employee engagement and provide your employees with financial education so everyone in your workplace is happier and more productive. Read on to find out what you've got to gain today!

Challenges for Employers in Today's Job Market

In recent years, millions of Americans have quit the workforce in a trend known as the “Great Resignation.” Reasons for quitting may include early retirement, a need to stay home to care for children during school closures, or simply leaving one job in search of a better one.

Whatever the cause, we know that employers today are finding it hard to recruit and retain employees. That's why we're offering the free Listerhill Works program to our partnered businesses so we can all work together to improve the lives of people in our community.

We're confident Listerhill Works can help your organization:

  • Increase worker productivity

  • Reduce turnover rate

  • Attract new talent

What Is the Listerhill Works Program?

Listerhill Works offers great value for employers and your employees alike. At no cost to you, we're offering your organization a range of services and resources to help you support your employees' financial health and wellbeing.

Listerhill Works FAQ

Why is the program effective?

Research has shown that financially stable employees produce higher quality work and feel more confident.

Who is it for?

Our program is helpful to everyone from eighth-graders through to senior citizens.

What does it cost?

The program is completely free!

What staff will I need to run it?

The program doesn't need any extra staffing or resources from you.

What if I don't need all the services?

As an employer, you get the flexibility to pick and choose which features will work best for your organization.

How Listerhill Works Can Increase Employee Engagement

In today's world, employees are seeking more than a paycheck. They want a meaningful job that offers a sense of purpose and fellowship. More than ever, your organization needs to stand out in a competitive job market.

Through Listerhill Works, you can offer your employees exclusive benefits that will build employee loyalty and a sense of belonging in the community.

Exclusive Listerhill Works benefits for your employees include:

  • New employee orientation meetings, plus reorientations

  • Employee benefits fairs

  • Other organizational events

Why Employee Financial Education Matters

The challenges of recent years have led many people to focus on achieving financial security so they can get through life's ups and downs. Similarly, employees are more likely to thrive if they're not worrying about making rent or putting enough food on the table for their families.

As a Listerhill Works partner organization, you and your employees gain access to these free resources and services:

  • Financial seminars

  • Financial wellness educational materials, workbooks, and brochures

  • Our full-service Financial Planning department

Bonus Credit Union Perks for Your Employees

Chances are, your employees already have a bank account. But think of the simplicity and ease within your organization if all your employees are offered the chance to be part of our not-for-profit cooperative. We can save everyone time and money!

As a member of Listerhill Credit Union, you and your employees can enjoy these services:

  • Same-day account opening

  • Free checking account with a free debit card and no minimum balance

  • Savings accounts to suit every life stage, including certificates, IRAs, and rewards accounts

  • Exclusive and convenient banking services, like Smart ATMs and Online and Mobile Banking

  • Numerous loan options including credit cards and our full-service Mortgage Lending department

Increase Employee Engagement and Provide Employee Financial Education Today!

Engaging and empowering your employees is a sure way to help your organization grow and stand out in your local community.

Whether your focus is on employee engagement or employee financial education, Listerhill Works is here to help you support your employees on their path to financial security.

Learn more about our program and how to get started.

Listerhill Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I had merchandise points?

    Cashbackmall will be available for redemption on 9/1/22 for cards converting to cash back rewards from merchandise points.

  • Who is eligible for Cash Back Rewards?

    Cash Back Rewards are available for Listerhill Signature Credit Cards. Signature credit cards require a limit of $5,000 or greater.

  • How much do I get back in Cash Rewards?

    Cash Back Rewards are calculated at 2% on purchases. Cash Advances and Balance Transfers do not earn Cash Back Rewards.

  • Are Cash Back Rewards transferable?

    Cash Back Rewards are not transferrable. Cash Back Rewards may be redeemed and transferred between accounts through Online Banking as rules apply.

  • How do I redeem my Cash Back Rewards?

    The easiest way to redeem your Cash Back Rewards is to log into Listerhill’s Online Banking and click the “Get Info” link to the right of your credit card information. This will take you to our credit card servicing site within the same window.

    • Select “Rewards” on the upper right side within the screen (below FICO Score) and on the next screen click on “cashbackmall”.
    • Click on redeem and choose the option to Get Statement Credit (statement credit does not fulfill the obligation to pay a minimum payment each statement cycle-to apply as a minimum payment; the redemption must be deposited to your Listerhill Cash Back Account and it can then be applied as a payment toward your minimum due obligation) or deposit to Listerhill Cash Back Account.