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COVID-19 Preparedness: Ways to Safely Access Your Money

Ways to Safely Access Your Money During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid ongoing concerns about the Coronavirus COVID-19, there's lots being communicated about the steps you can take to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. And at Listerhill, it is also our concern how this may affect your financial management routine. We've put together a list of ways you can still get your financial business done while lowering the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Steps You Can Take

Use Mobile Deposit to deposit your checks through our mobile app. There's no additional delay by depositing your checks with the mobile app versus over the counter. In most cases, your deposit will be applied to your account the same day.

Use a Smart ATM for everyday transactions. Avoid having to wait in line inside the lobby to do your transactions. You can still talk to a live person during regular business hours through every one of our Smart ATMs. You can deposit cash or checks, cash checks, make a payment, get account inquiries, and more. 

Limit your contact with cash. Paper money can reportedly carry more germs than a household toilet. Whenever possible, use any other payment method to cash. If you need to pay another person, use services like Venmo, Paypal, or Popmoney.

Use a contactless payment method in stores. With services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, you won't have to touch anything other than your phone. Adding a card to your mobile wallet is simple, and in most cases can be added and working instantly.

Apply for an account, loan, or mortgage online. During these times, it's recommended to limit close contact with others. Therefore, stay home and apply for what you need in the comfort of your own home. 

We're Happy to Help

Listerhill is closely monitoring the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and is prepared to take the necessary measures for the health and safety of our members and employees.

If you find yourself in a financial bind due to the affects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, don't hesitate to contact us to see how we may be able to help. We offer a number of ways to ease the burden of financial demands during a hardship. After all, we're your financial cooperative, and we're in this together. It's All About We.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a land loan?

    A land loan provides you with financing to secure a lot of land and cover the costs for up to 20 years. With Listerhill, you can get a loan on unimproved land. 

    Once you’re ready to build, you can secure a different type of loan to cover construction costs.

  • Who is a HELOC best for?

    If you aren’t sure how much you’ll need to borrow or when you'll need it, a Home Equity Line of Credit is a great option. Access ongoing cash for a set period of up to 10 years with low minimum payments until your withdrawal period is complete. Contrary to a Home Equity Loan, the interest on a HELOC is a variable rate and may be impacted by the status of the economy.

  • Who is a Home Equity Loan best for?

    If you’re the type of person who takes a big-picture view when planning your financial decisions, a home equity loan may make the most sense. Since you’re borrowing a fixed amount at a fixed rate, you can plan how much you’ll pay for the loan in the long run from day one.

  • What can home equity loans be used for?

    Home equity loans provide you with the opportunity to chase dreams to the fullest. Enjoy a vacation with the whole family, invest in a household remodeling project, or even finance an upcoming vehicle purchase with only a few clicks.  If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

  • What type of requirements exist for home equity loans?

    Home equity loans rely on a loan to value ratio (LTV) to disburse funds, meaning that your credit score and home equity value should be fairly substantial to take advantage of all possible benefits. For assistance in the home equity loan pre-approval process, please speak with your local Listerhill Credit Union branch.